RANS Aircraft

RANS Aircraft is a company based in Hays, Kansas, USA and has been building aircraft for over 30 years. With now over 4,000 kits produced of numerous models, they hold an unassailable position in the light aircraft industry.

East Canterbury Aviation has been selling, building and maintaining RANS aircraft since 1991 and has sold 100+ RANS kits, making us one of New Zealand’s longest-serving and most successful light aircraft dealers. RANS aircraft owners and builders can rest assured that a dependable local business will always be there for assistance when required.

Original RANS Aircraft very seldom appear on the New Zealand second-hand aircraft market, and if they do, rarely stay there long. Their value continues to appreciate due to their popularity, which is a great indicator of their standing in the Aviation Community.

Check Out RANS Aircraft in action in the New Zealand Backcountry

Current Production Models

S-7 Courier

July 1985 is when the original S-7 Courier was laid out and has since become a popular choice among those who love a tandem tailwheel plane. Designed from the ground up to be a very capable plane for a variety of uses, the Courier boasts a great payload, low-speed handling, rugged airframe, roomy cockpit, exciting climb performance and cruise speed. These aspects are possible because every element of the design was engineered with less weight, drag, and assembly hours in mind. You will be impressed with the level of quality and detail put into a Courier kit or ready to fly plane. Our extensive use of CNC machines to make most components, combined with expertly hand-crafted welded assemblies, results in a more premium build.

We Currently have an S-7 Courier demonstrator. Get in touch with us to give it a try!


S-21 Outbound

The Newest Model to the RANS stable, the S-21 Outbound is the ultimate all-around sport plane. You don’t need to settle with a slow plane to fly in the backcountry, the Outbound can cruise at speeds of up to 135 knots whilst still having a respectable takeoff distance, rate of climb and carrying bush tyres. Built from sleek and rugged all-metal construction, it boasts the ample comfort, carrying capability, handling and performance that has become synonymous with the RANS name.

S-20 Raven

The S-20 Raven is great hardware for the task of backcountry flying, float flying, and long haul touring. It’s the stylish blending of what has made a couple of other RANS planes so successful and yet has become a character all on its own. We combined the wings, tail, and fuel system from the S-7S Courier, and the engine, control, and seats from the Coyote II. The cabin is very roomy and easily accessible due to sliding seats and wide doors. The 51” wide doors and folding seats allow easy loading in the 21 cubic foot baggage area.

S-19 Venterra

The RANS S-19 brings to the light sport aircraft market what the flying public has been asking for; a docile fun handling plane, with great performance, rugged construction, easy ergonomics, and an economic operational cost. The utility of the S-19 is significant; able to carry up to 500 pounds at a steady 115 knots, for 4 hours plus, take off and land in short grass strips, and handle 20-knot crosswinds, all in comfort, style, and safety. Just sitting in the cockpit reveals the superb visibility, comfortable seats, and spacious cabin.

Check out the RANS Designs Website for further Information

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