Geraldine Flying Group

Flight Training

Training we offer:

 Microlight Certificate

Aerobatic Rating

Spin Recovery Training

Taildragger Training

Mountain Flying Course

Strip Flying Course

CSU Training

Geraldine Flying Group offers a wide range of training options to suit your needs, from basic training right through to aerobatics and spin recovery.

Give us a call to organise which option is right for you!

Go on, take flight now!


Hire Rates  ( Per Hour )

RANS S-6ES 116 Trike ZK-RHZRANS S-6ES:   $130

10426705_692690827434334_4702948550157080808_nAESL Airtourer:   Hire – $180,   Solo – $190, Dual – $220

brl-1DH-82A Tiger Moth: Dual – $340


Package Deals

Head Start Package – Microlight

5 Hours Flying in our RANS S-6ES Microlight Training Aircraft

$575 ($15 Saving per hour)

Stay and Fly Package – Add-on

Stay on the airfield at Moth Manor Cottage for 5 days to build your hours and experience rapidly.

 Add $500 to the price of your flying package deal


Meet the Team!

Here at Geraldine Flying Group we have a great team of professional, experienced instructors to help our students get the most out of their flight training.




Russell has been flying since before he could walk—his parents both flew and he grew up around aeroplanes. He has been instructing for over 30 years, and has been involved in Microlighting for thirty years. Russell also holds a Private Pilot’s Licence and is a Senior Instructor and Authorised Testing Officer.


Ross inverted


Ross has flying in the blood, being a fourth generation pilot in the Brodie family. In January 2016 Ross lived his childhood dream of flying 16 aircraft on his 16th birthday, setting a world record. Ross has a passion for all areas of aviation, however particularly enjoys aerobatics, taildraggers and historic aircraft.




Grant caught the flying bug in the late 1970’s and gained his Private Pilot’s License in 1980. He has been involved in Microlight aviation since the early 1990s and is a Microlight Instructor and Test Pilot. He has a passion for mountain flying and operations in remote areas.




Andy started following his childhood dream to be a pilot in the late 1990’s when he began flying lessons at the Canterbury Aero Club. Since then Andy has begun pursuing his passion of aerobatics and classic aircraft. Andrew has had a major involvement in the NZ aerobatic club since 2009. Andy has vast experience in flight instruction as well as aerobatics and has also flown at several New Zealand Airshows.


 Social Events and Facilities

The Geraldine Flying Group is a flying and social group for pilots and people interested in aviation.

To join the Geraldine Flying Group, download and fill in the Application Form and send it in to us along with the membership fee. Membership benefits include being added to our email database to receive notification of upcoming flying events in the area and access to Geraldine Flying Group’s facilities.

Geraldine Flying Groups facilities include a crew room where members have access to refreshments, as well as a training/briefing room used for flight training and planning.

The Geraldine Flying Group hosts Fly-In’s and Fly-Away’s year round. Members and new-comer’s alike are all welcome to join. Check our Facebook page for more details on our upcoming events.


Flight Permits

Please download and complete the Flight Permit Application Form and bring that together with the up-to-date aircraft, engine and propeller logbooks to the permit inspection check.

A flight permit cannot be issued by the inspector, unless all necessary paperwork is completed.