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RANS Aircraft

RANS Aircraft is a company based in Hays, Kansas, USA and has been building aircraft for over 30 years. With now over 4,000 kits produced of numerous models, they hold an unassailable position in the light aircraft industry.

East Canterbury Aviation has been selling, building and maintaining RANS aircraft since 1991 and has sold 100+ RANS kits, making us one of New Zealand’s longest serving and most successful light aircraft dealers. RANS aircraft owner’s and builder’s can rest assured that a dependable local business will always be there for assistance when required.

Original RANS Aircraft very seldom appear on the New Zealand second hand aircraft market, and if they do, rarely stay there long. Their value continues to appreciate due to their popularity, which is a great indicator of their standing in the Aviation Community.

Feel free to stop in any time to check out one of the of the eight RANS aircraft currently based at Rangitata Island Aerodrome.

All models currently available can be found on the RANS website. For a current quote, please feel free to contact us at any time!



East Canterbury Aviation is the original representative for Superflite aircraft covering and finishing systems. For a full list of Superflite products available, please visit the Superflite website.


Airdrome Aeroplanes

Airdrome Aeroplanes are nostalgia and flying fun all wrapped up in one affordable kit. For the ultimate in aviation theatre! From Fokkers to Sopwiths, Airdrome Aeroplanes currently have 25 aircraft kits available.  Whatever your budget Airdrome Aeroplanes have a kit that fits your dreams!

Feel free to visit Rangitata Island Aerodrome to check out one of the three Airdrome Aeroplanes replica’s based on the airfield.

East Canterbury Aviation is the New Zealand agent for Airdrome Aeroplanes. For a complete list of available kits, technical information and pricing please visit the Airdrome Aeroplanes website.